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b. 1986, HK.

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HIYA! My name is Kathleen and I live in Scotland with 1 cat, 1 large dog, 1 human man, a large supersize jar of Nutella, and a big selection box of chronic illness. I love David Bowie, tea, 1970's disco, and more often than not, dressing like a pensioner. 

I write a blog on my illness and for various health sites including the Crohn's Forum. I've also written a book on IBD called 'Go Your Crohn Way' which makes me a real life actual author!

I hope you like my site! If not that's fine, my Mum does and that's all the approval I need.
Feel free to chat, criticise and throw tomatoes, or preferably your pants at me.

I'f you'd like to get in touch fill in the little box below and i'll get back to you! Alternatively 'connect' with me via my social channels by clicking on an icon of your choice and i promise I wont file a restraining order! I love you xo