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Since it's inception in 2011, my blog Crohnological Order has been nominated 3 years running for a WEGO Health Award! 
2015 saw me finally make Finalist in 2 categories, and gain further nominations for a Healthline Blog Award and a UK Blog Award!


And here, shamelessly, are a few of the wonderful nominations I've received since the blog began in 2011.. I didn't even write all of these myself! ;) 

"Her positive outlook on life despite her challenges helps other people get through their similar situations and reminds us all to keep going! She is honest and refreshing and it is what we all need."

"Because she is a talented writer warm and funny. she triumphs over adversity with style and grace. I love her!"

"I am currently going through a major Crohn's flare up. While looking online for support I came across Kath's blog. She also has Crohn's and her humour and warmth have been a great source of support to me. I feel less isolated and can now tackle my condition with an air of positivity and hope!"

"Great writing on the blog - by turns interesting, informative, funny, honest and thoughtful. I thoroughly enjoy reading each blog post, as well as looking out for tweets, which often make me laugh out loud. Kath has such a well-developed voice and personality that it is hard to believe that she is a newbie in this game."

"Kathleen has a great sense of humour and take on her condition. Her posts/blogs are very interesting to read and her comments hit the spot every time.
 Her witty, quirky and thoughtful writing as well as her empathy & understanding of her subject matter helps the reader to understand exactly what she is saying/what she means. She hasn't let things get her down and faces being unwell head on - her blog proves this perfectly. For any newbies to this 'condition' she would be an asset to read. Even as a seasoned pro I find her comments thought provoking and very entertaining.. Kathleen's articles can make you look at things in a different light! I look forward to what she has to say each day!!!"

"Cause she is passionate , informative and relatable"

"Kath is fantastic, she's coped with so much with her illness (Crohn's disease) & she's always tried to be as positive as possible about things.  Her blog is witty as well as informative & lets others suffering from the same illness see how it is from someone else's point of view as well as allowing her to keep in touch with others than know what she's going through.  She's a total inspiration.  :)"

"This girl is an absolute inspiration to us all. She is very matter of fact with her blog but shares this with the world using a very witty sense of humour. And still finds the courage to smile everyday. Absolute treasure to the Crohn's community."

"Kath is one of my best friends. When she was diagnosed with Crohn's, it was a shock to all. Kath has been such a trooper, her blogs are a great read and I know they are helping others who are going through it too! Her ability to make her blogs witty and humorous is fantastic. Always make me laugh and okay, have a wee cry sometimes too. I'm very proud of her xx"

"Kathleen, with her honest and humorous approach to her illness, gives me an insight, not just into her illness but reveals her dogged approach to life and cheers me to read that no matter what, she will always remain true to herself and lead her life her way and refuses to be ruled by the monkey on her back Go! Kathleen."

"Kathleen has dealt with her Crohn's disease in a humorous and enlightening way, I'm sure helping others deal with the disease through her blog."

"Kathleen's blog posts about dealing with Crohn's Disease are insightful, interesting and educational. From her witty headings to the content itself, Kathleen's writing style on the subject of Crohn's can sometimes be heart-warming, shocking, funny or sad, but is always entertaining."

"Kathleen is a fun-loving, very brave young woman who has in the last year, been diagnosed with Crohn's. She updates her blog regularly, in a light hearted manner, and sometimes with great humour but nevertheless getting across the seriousness of the illness and the devastating affects it has on her and her family. She has a fantastic grasp of the English language, and with great wit, her Blogs make enjoyable reading. - For Crohn's sufferers or others. She is a great inspiration"

"I first came across Kathleen's profile on Twitter, then on Facebook where I discovered her blog, Crohnological Order.  Kathleen writes with compelling honesty, warmth and humour.  She provokes many emotions but never pity.  Kathleen is coming to terms with her condition herself and for that reason her readers are taken on her journey with her.  As a result her blog educates and raises awareness of Crohn's Disease, a disease which few have the guts to talk about (pun intended!) and ensures repeated returns to her site for her latest blog.  Long may she continue to write, inspire and educate."

"Kathleen suffers badly from Crohn's but is never down and always there to help anyone who may need her. She works tirelessly on her Crohnological Order blog and is always happy to give her time and advice to help fellow sufferers."

"Kathleen is informative and engaging and writes in a witty and human style that sheds light on a little understood disease"

"An inspiration to many, her blog gives those also facing a battle with Crohn's or Colitis a way to reach out and know that there are others just like themselves. Her blogs vary from upbeat and cheering, humorous to the words we think everyday but are too afraid to say. After meeting this young, inspirational woman myself she is truly deserving of such an award."