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Hiya! Welcome to the new home of my blog! It's just so lovely to have you here and i hope you will find the transition approximately 100% less painless than i have. Creating a website is NOT FUN but at least i now understand what Meatloaf wouldn't do for love. 

If you've followed my story you'll be aware that my blog Crohnological Order has been my safe haven for 7 years now, I've blogged there consistently on my ups and downs in living with Crohn's Disease since a mere few months after my diagnosis. As much as it's been a fantastic way to vent my own fears and frustrations and share my experiences with the wider world I've lately started to feel it's also become a little constricting. As I always like to profess i am 'more than just an illness', I feel its time to widen the blogging net a little and give myself more room to chat about more than just defunct bowels. Plus, as much as i ADORE a pun, Crohnological Order has always been an absolute bitch to Google search. 

The world of IBD and chronic illness are surprisingly difficult places to find your voice heard; with so many patients and doctors alike grappling for the opportunity to tell their story and it can become overwhelming and intimidating to feel yours is worth listening to. That is another small reason as to why blogging solely on IBD has become harder for me; although my illness is forever changing, it often feels i don't have the energy to try and shout louder than anyone else. I don't want to, and there's no real reason to - I've written a book on it and bellowing that my thoughts have more credence than anyone else's feels shrill and unnecessary. I've never liked the 'competitive suffering' aspect of chronic illness communities and have always wanted to focus on presenting an honest, accurate and funny take on life as a sick-girl. Much like the over-saturation of sadness we see every time we look at social media or switch on the news, the IBD community can often feel like much too negative waters for me to go swimming in. 

So because chronic illness, and life in general, is HARD i want to aim to focus on the good stuff. Anyway, I hope you'll come along on my new scrawling adventures and find something of worth in there! i'm sure i'll still be blogging on IBD and the like as it's sadly something i cant escape, so please don't think i'll ever desert you! The support i have received for my writing from so many of you from my first tentative sentences to my first published book, has been nothing short of humbling, staggering and profoundly emotional, so i aim to keep up the good work! THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything, I want this to be a much bigger part of my life and I hope you all don't mind me spreading myself a little wider.

Please, please, please let me know what you think of the new site, I value your feedback more than my stocks and shares in Nutella!!

I love you xo

Kathleen Nicholls