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IBD Book Reviews

Slight change of tac for this blog as I today review two of the current IBD related books on the market. Lots of information out there and here are two good places to find it!


IBD and the Gut-Brain Connection

Dr Antonina Mikocka-Walus

As a health scientist and ‘expert patient’, Dr Mikocka-Walus has written a book based on around the science of IBD and it’s connection to the brain. Interspersed with her own experiences with IBD, she gives an interesting insight into the condition in scientific detail. She provides detailed explanations of current treatment methods available for the condition, along with information on common issues such as fertility, surgery, and sexuality. Using her years of dedicated research, she looks at IBD in relation to age, psychological impact and alternative therapies.

This is an interesting read if you are suffering from IBD and want to educate yourself on some of the lesser discussed aspects of the illness, or prepare yourself for potential future changes. A very handy manual to consult for new and older patients alike.


Managing IBD

Jenna Farmer

Jenna writes in a friendly and engaging tone about the many methods available to patients looking to better manage their condition. Little time is wasted in explaining the intricacies of IBD as this book is more aimed at existing patients, or at the very least those with experience of the condition. Jenna does delve into detailed descriptions and explanations of the many procedures associated with treating IBD, taking away some of the fear and uncertainty of what these lesser-talked about procedures entail.

This is a helpful and handy manual, it even contains diary entries where the reader can insert their own ‘triggers’, notes or any probing questions they may have for their doctor. Its great to read a book focused around management and not one promising ‘cure-it-all’ soup recipes and the like. Jenna utilises her own experience, expertise and the insight of experts in the field to great effect.


(Many thanks to Hammersmith Books who provided these books for review purposes)

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