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Vanity Flare

When you live day to day with chronic illness, vanity and worrying about how one looks to the wider world often takes a self-imposed back-seat. For me, when I am feeling at my worst, caring about whether i'm born with it or whether it's Maybelline is is the very least of my problems. Merely considering the effort required to look half-way human can send me into a state of anxiety attack quicker than seeing the cupboards Nutella-barren.

It can also often sting to see pictures of beautiful 'normal' women when you feel like you've just crawled out of sewer. Self-confidence dips to all time lows when we are using every ounce of energy we have just to keep existing. Therefore it can seem poultry to even give credence to looking a certain way when staying alive just seems so much more of an urgent matter. 

However after a particularly bad spell of ill health myself I've been focusing lately on trying to look after my outer-casing a little more intently, since it's all i feel I have any form of control over at the moment. I've found taking the time to care for and pamper my body a little more regularly has done wonders for my confidence and general state of mind. Looking after your diseased carcass is a form of self-care and I've been ensuring it has become part of a more regimented routine. 

So for my fellow diseased dames (and all the rest of you), here are some of my my most recent life-altering beauty finds. They will I hope make you feel tip top from top to... tip:


SAND & SKY - Australian Pink Clay Mask

This is just a miracle in a jar. And I was raised Catholic so I know what i'm talking about. It's a detoxifying and cleansing mask from Australia which works absolute wonders. The blurb on their website states "Pure Australian pink clay deeply cleanses and detoxifies. For refined pores and a complexion so bright you’ll need sunnies." I can't profess to having needed to use 'sunnies' because i'm Scottish and therefore have no requirement for them, but I have been using this mask for a mere few days and my skin is as soft and glowing as a radio-active peach. I am genuinely obsessed with this product because it's the first treatment I've ever used on my skin which has made any visible difference to my face. With chronic illness my skins' default setting is dry, chapped, painful, and prone to constant break-outs, and since using this mask I've felt nothing but fresh, clean and confident. It's not exactly a budget product coming in at just under £40, but it is incredibly long-lasting and gets shipped with free delivery! You can get a jar of this wonder-cream yourself from Sand and Sky's website:


DREAM CREAM - Hand and Body Lotion

I'm a huge LUSH fan as it is and would happily recommend most of their products to anyone and everyone, but this is a particular favourite. It's a superb hydrating cream i try to ensure I use daily. It is billed as a body lotion and that to me gives carte blanche to slather it all over myself like some slippery cream junkie who's thirst for moisture no rehab can reverse. Due to the mountain of medication I have to take I've found it helps with dry skin, sore muscle aches and it has the added bonus of making me smell divine. Thanks to a current course of steroids I've been living with hot flushes recently, so have been popping it in the fridge before use then spreading it all over like some sort of reverse sun-tan lotion. A jar also lasts for ages (mine has a best before of over a YEAR) and is reusable so its also incredible value for money. Get some here:



My lovely Mum bought this for me as a wee treat because she's like that. It has a lovely minty fresh scent and only a pea sized amount is needed for a lather-filled head. Thanks to my IBD i suffer from a painful dry scalp quite often so it's refreshing to find a non-medicated shampoo that doesn't sting like the pain of rejection. My hair also falls out in clumps during flares ans this shampoo does wonders for making my hair appear thicker and glossier. Coming in just under £7 in most high street shops/supermarkets it's perhaps not the cheapest for everyday use but it's very economical and even used once or twice per week has been great for my mane.   

So there you have it, a few purchases which have made my body happy this week without the use of batteries. Hope they have you looking and feeling great too. Make sure to take some time to care for you whether you use Dream Cream or Lard.

Please do share any of your own chronic-health beauty-finds in the comments below and i'll be sure to feature them in an upcoming post! Love you bye! xo