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'GO YOUR CROHN WAY - A Gutsy Guide to Living with Crohn's Disease' is OUT NOW!

My first book is a labour of love which aims to help make life a little easier for those with IBD and their loved ones. 

You can buy a copy from all good booksellers or by clicking the link to your right! And if you're still undecided, do read some helpful reviews from people other than my Mum below!)


My second book My Flare Lady is OUT NOW and available from Amazon!! A handbook of sorts offering advice, support and LOL's for my fellow diseased dames! Get it below! 


Go Your Crohn Way: REVIEWS - 

What a refreshingly honest account of life with Crohn's disease. As a Crohn's sufferer you will find yourself nodding as you turn the pages through many experiences that we have all gone through. Her wit and sense of humour shines through to make it an enjoyable read, and it is no small achievement to make such a tough topic light-hearted. I think this book could be enjoyed by those newly diagnosed, or who have suffered for many years. (Sally Cooney, Patient Ambassador, forCrohns)

Kathleen works wonders as a funny, strong, and honest guide to living with Crohn's disease. Go Your Crohn Way is undeniably humane and handy. (Ken Baumann, Author and Publisher)

Crystal-clear, dead-solid accurate and witty explanations typify this book. Whether you are a new Crohn's patient, a friend or relative of a patient, or even a 30-year old Crohn's Disease patient like me, you will enjoy the compressive wisdom gained by reading Go Your Crohn Way. (Michael A. Weiss, Esq)

This absolutely brilliant and charmingly funny book is also a decent run down on the details of Crohn's. It's only one woman's account of her personal experience but if you are recently diagnosed with something reading personal accounts can be extremely comforting. (Vexing Circumstance blog)

Go Your Crohn Way is so much more than a memoir. It is a non-technical, non-scary guide. It is perfect for the newly diagnosed and a fresh look from those who are 'frequent flyers' at the hospital. Having read other books to try and come to terms or get to grips with my own personal diagnosis, I have often been terrified and confused by the medical jargon that I don't understand. I finish the books with more questions than answers. Go Your Crohn Way is different. Kathleen Nicholls has created the go-to book for the IBD sufferer and rather refreshingly for the family and friends of those who suffer. Go Your Crohn Way needs to be on the TBR pile of everyone who has an association with IBD - the patient and the families. Go and buy a copy right now! (Lisa Talks About... blog)

A funny, warm-hearted, and inspirational book which recognises both the physical and emotional struggles of living with this condition. Highly recommended to anyone who suffers from Crohn's or knows someone who does and wants to get a better understanding of it. (Amazon Customer)

For a book about something as serious as an incurable disease Go Your Crohn Way had me laughing out loud plenty as I read it on tubes and busses as part of my daily commute. Kathleen’s humour shines through on each and every page which makes the whole thing so much more digestible. IDB is a scary thing but this book is definitely not. It’s refreshingly accessible and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s been newly diagnosed or who has a loved one with the condition. (Leanne via Amazon)

Kathleen Nicholls brings humour to a subject many of us would find difficult to discuss - our toilet habits.But when Kathleen was diagnosed with Crohns, her life changed. Diary quotes and text explain what she went through, from diagnosis in 2010, through trying different treatments (there is no cure) to undergoing major surgery (a resection, removing part of the bowel).Through it all Kathleen has kept her sense of humour. And she has some pertinent and important advice to share. It's not a self-help book - everyone's experiences of Crohn's are different - but by explaining how she coped, she gives hope to others. (Merman via Amazon)

A fantastic funny and informative book for new and old patients alike, everything you need to know about the illness and what questions you should be asking. I wish had been around 17 years ago when I was diagnosed, we didn't even have Internet searches back then! (Stephen O' Neill) 

Amazing book! Highly recommended! Well written with lots of information as well as laugh and giggles. (Amazon Customer)

This book was tremendously helpful for me. It's uplifting and funny and informative. It's not a "how to cure crohn's with the macrobiotic diet/exercise/veganism/whatever." I've read those and quite frankly, they're infuriating to me. Kathleen, instead, offers advise on relationships, hospital stays, work, dealing with your emotions about Crohn's and the difficulties that it brings, and the feeling that you're not experiencing this s***ty disease (literally) alone. Also, it's punny as hell, and who doesn't love a good pun? I wholeheartedly recommend it if you have Crohn's, UC, or another IBD or if someone you love is living with IBD. (Amazon Customer)

While every person with Crohn's Disease will have their own story, this account is funny, honest and true. Many people will relate to many of the stories in the book, whether it be the unknown suffering at a young age, to the frightening diagnosis. Nicholls’ humorous writing style is a great way to raise awareness of the condition, removing the negative connotations and welcoming a larger, fresh perspective to those who had only heard rumours, or what was in the media. The raw honesty featured throughout the book has opened a new way to discuss Crohn’s disease. Nicholls is talking directly to the sufferer, as if they were a friend.  (Nutritionist Resource)

..Her book on Crohn’s Disease is a thorough and compassionate no-folds-barred peek into the life of a sassy Scottish woman with a big brain who has insightful and sensible things to say, who has a clear-sighted (loo)handle on her condition, and who is willing to share her ordeals to help the afraid with their fraught futures. Enough said. Order the book tomorrow. (MJ Nicholls)

Absolutely fantastic book to read if you've recently been diagnosed, been diagnosed for a while, or if you're a relative or friend of someone diagnosed. This book helped me feel like I wasn't alone in the big scary world of Crohn's, Kathleen writes in such a way that it feels like a friend is sharing their experience with you which gives you an opportunity to gain a perspective of this disease from a fellow Crohnie which is nice.
Though Kathleen doesn't sugar coat things in this book there's always an element of humour and even fun throughout which adds a positive twist to a condition that can be devastating and often terrifying. Beautifully honest, hilarious and poignant. A perfect Crohnie companion. Thank you, Kathleen! (Danielle S) 

Absolutely gorgeous book full of tips on how to get through your diagnosis and the rest of your life when you live with Crohn's Disease. It's such a personal journey full of individual triumphs and tragedies, but there are certain things that we all have in common and I found myself hooting with laughter like a total loon in some parts. I also felt really understood and not so isolated, which is so important when dealing with chronic illness. Fantastic book, would recommend to anyone with Crohn's Disease or anyone who knows someone with it. (Alyssa)