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Chronic illness plays a massive part in my life and therefore my work. I was diagnosed with Arthritis at 25, Crohn's Disease at 26 and have developed several chronic illnesses in the years following. Life with chronic illness is hard and frustrating and disheartening but it's vital for me to try and find the light in the darkness!

My writing sheds a light on the intimate world of 'invisible illness', it offers advice and encouragement for patients and their loved ones alike and aims above all to raise a well needed smile! It's important for me my humour comes across in my writing because it's one of my main coping mechanisms in deal with my own ill-health; with a wry eye and self-deprecation. And if, like me, you live with a bowel disease you'l understand how many situations to laugh at yourself tend to present themselves...

Keep well! xo


As well as writing on IBD it's important for me the information i ingest and spread is accurate and in no way scare-mongering. Therefore here are a few of mine (and the wider IBD communities) favourite go to sites:


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