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My writing began via blogging following diagnosis of the incureable illness Crohn's Disease. I've blogged regualrly since 2011, my blog and readership growing and have been lucky to recieve several nominations and win blog awards from such sites as WEGO Health, the UK Blog Awards and Healthline.

This year i'm currently nominated in 3 categories in the WEGO Health Awards.


My first book 'Go Your Crohn Way' has been featured in locals/national press, on radio, and even mentioned in Parliament!!

This year i'm pleased to have been among the 28 books selected for the Reading Well 'Books on Prescription' scheme. Here's a little on this fantastic initiative from the Reading Agency website: 

"The new 28 title book list of health information, self-help and memoir has been developed by the charity and expert partners to offer guidance and factual support to those living with illness and their carers. Research shows that people see their library as a safe, trusted and non-stigmatised place to go for health information. Between the pages of the recommended books, people living with long term conditions can find answers to some of the questions that may be on their minds - from dealing with pain, fatigue and sleeping problems, to relationships and mental health and well-being"


As well as my ongoing blog and in between working on several new books, I also write regularly for various websites and publications.

Here are a few samples of my recent work:

'The Mighty'


'Crohn's Forum'



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